Reasons to use QuickBooks Online

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What many people don’t know about are the features that QuickBooks Online does better than the desktop.

1. Invoice/Sales Receipt Automation – While the desktop has memorised transactions, they still have to be sent to the customer manually. QBO’s counterparts, recurring transactions, can be set up to be emailed automatically to the customer and the QBO user/owner can be copied on each one.

2. Delayed customer charges/billing – DT has unbilled time and expenses, but again, the user still has to manually go in and bill the customer for them. In QBO, you can turn on a preference to tell QBO to do this automatically – either any time activity is assigned, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

3. Activity Log – one of our favorites! DT has the Audit Trail, which tells us when a transaction was created, modified, or deleted. But QBO, does this this better. The activity log shows when a user logs in, logs out, edits a customer, vendor, item, account. It shows when a third party add on accesses the data, when bank transactions are downloaded and when those transactions are matched or added to registered. What a bonus!

4. Automatic email reporting – Another great one! Memorize a report in QBO, add it to a group, then set that group to be emailed to yourself or your client on a regular basis. For instance, you can send your clients their financials each month without ever actually logging into QBO!

5. Bank transactions automatically downloaded nightly – In DT, the process of downloading bank transactions into QB has to be initiated manually. In QBO, the client can set up the connection, and QBO goes out each night and automatically pulls in the transactions. There’s no need for us to have the user name or the password any longer.

6. QBO has Class AND Location tracking – DT has class tracking, the ability to track different profit centers, but QBO adds one more layer with Location tracking.

7. For Accountants: Multiple AR/AP lines in Journal Entries– I’m not even going to comment on this one. It just speaks for itself!

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